Kenya Wildlife Conservancy Destinations

When people are willing stewards, wildlife flourish and communities thrive in Kenya Wildlife Conservancy Destinations. Kenya has lost nearly 70% of its wildlife in the past 30 years.

Kenya Wildlife Conservancy Destinations

Kenya Wildlife Conservancy Destinations

Loss of space and connectivity, increasing development pressures, and impacts of climate change are threatening Kenya’s iconic wildlife, its multi-billion tourism industry, and livelihoods for rural communities.

Kenya Wildlife Conservancy Destinations offer hope.

A Kenya Wildlife Conservancy Destinations island managed by an individual landowner, a body or corporate, group of owners, or a community for purposes of wildlife conservation and other compatible land uses to better livelihoods.

With sixty-five percent (65%) of Kenya’s wildlife living in community and private lands, conservancies provide connected landscapes that complement national parks and reserves while enabling communities to benefit from wildlife management and in turn be at the heart of championing conservation efforts.

In Kenya today, conservancies are a recognized land use under the Wildlife Act 2013, making them an attractive land-use option for communities and landowners as they offer improved land and resource rights and access to incentives.

By placing communities at the center of wildlife conservation and improving conservation incentives, Wildlife Conservancy Destinations in Kenya are securing livelihoods while reversing wildlife decline, resulting in the protection of Kenya’s iconic wildlife for future generations.

In the Maasai Mara, for example, 15 conservancies protect over 450,000 acres of critical habitat for the great Serengeti-Mara wildebeest migration.

This has seen the lion population double over the last decade and 3,000 households earn more than $4 million annually from tourism.

A similar success story is unveiled along with the Coastal Region of Kenya where local communities are protecting endangered animals such as the Hirola Antelope, resulting in the doubling of the population of the endangered Hirola in just three years.

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Wildlife Conservancy Destinations | Where to go for a Kenya Private Adventure

Giraffe Center Manor

The African Fund for Endangered Wildlife Giraffe Center – locally referred to as The Giraffe Centre – plays a pivotal role in conserving the critically endangered Rothschild giraffe (which differ from other giraffe subspecies as they have no patterning below the knee).

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Laikipia Wildlife Conservation

Although Laikipia is an excellent Kenyan safari destination throughout the year, the following information will help you decide what time of year may suit your personal desires for your wilderness travel with Realm Africa Safaris. Laikipia just like other

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Borana Conservancy

Why stay in a luxury safari lodge in Kenya when you can enjoy the privacy and flexibility of an exclusive family home at The Heart of Borana Conservancy – with friendly staff to cater to your every need. Lengishu offers the freedom to choose your own itinerary.

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Loisaba Conservancy

The 56,000-acre Loisaba Conservancy is managed sustainably to conserve wildlife habitat and has created over 200 jobs, developed schools and healthcare clinics, and provided managed grazing access for local communities.

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Ol Pejeta Conservancy

The Ol Pejeta Conservancy Situated between the foothills of the Aberdares and the magnificent snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya, the 110,000-acre private wilderness of the Ol Pejeta Conservancy boasts an astounding variety of wildlife.

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Orphaned Elephants Center

Orphaned Elephants are just about the kindest, most forgiving, and unselfish creatures in the animal kingdom. These five-toed pachyderms play, operate as a team, will most likely remember every human interaction that they have.

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Diani Beach in Kenya

For the keen traveler, the world has become a small place, especially with prospects of remote working becoming a reality for most. If you are longing for somewhere different, exotic, and under explored, then Diani Beach in Kenya should be at the top of your list.

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Watamu Beach

Watamu Beach south of Malindi is best known for the Watamu Marine National Park — a spectacular coral reef alive with tropical fish and only a short boat ride, or energetic swim at low tide. The Watamu Beach is really a series of wide sandy bays separated by rocky outcrops.

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Zanzibar Beaches

If you’re looking for a romantic island vacation, then look no further – romantic honeymoon adventures in Zanzibar are a thrilling destination for couples. With a fascinating history and stunning natural beauty, its exotic blend of experiences makes a Zanzibar Honeymoon unique.

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