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10 Day Complete Kenya Safari

This 10 Day Complete Kenya Safari takes you through seven of Kenya’s top safari destinations to give you a complete overview of this fascinating country

Each of these seven parks offers something unique: whether its endemic wildlife not seen elsewhere, dramatic landscape, or sheer animal variety.

It’s the ultimate 10 Day Complete Kenya Safari package for those wanting to maximize their game-viewing opportunities

Your 10 Day Complete Kenya Safari begins when arriving at Nairobi airport from where you will be met and assisted by our guide/driver.

You will be transferred to Eka Hotel, within a 10 minutes drive from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

The rest of the day on leisure and relation. Time permitting, you can consider some of the things to in Nairobi and engage in a guided day tour

Eka Hotel is located along Mombasa road, within 10 minutes drive from the central business district of Nairobi and Jomo Kenyatta International airport.

It features a gym, swimming pool, free Wi-Fi. The elegantly and contemporary-styled, air-conditioned rooms and suites include a flat-screen satellite Tv, luxury bed linens, tea and coffee making facilities, and a small fridge.

All have views of Eka Hotel Nairobi’s pool and surrounding lush gardens with palm trees. He will spend a night on a bed and breakfast plan

Main destination: Nairobi

Accommodation: Eka Hotel. Midrange hotel located in or near Nairobi

Detailed 10 Day Complete Kenya Safari

Day 1: Nairobi to Amboseli National Park

With a Kilimanjaro backdrop. You will be picked up from your hotel at 8 am ready to start your 10 Day Complete Kenya Safari and driven to Amboseli National Park (270 km) which is a 4hrs drive.

Arriving in good time for lunch. Located in the magnificent Great Rift Valley and on the base of majestic Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro bordering Kenya.

Amboseli is characterized by impressively beautiful nature landscapes of forested hills. Wooded savanna and forests brimming with an amazing abundance of wildlife

Amboseli National Park provides the classic Hollywood image of Africa. Set in rolling savanna scenery it is dwarfed by the presence of the pink-tinged, snow-capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro at 5896 meters, is the highest free-standing mountain in the world

Against the magnificent backdrop roam vast wildlife herds of elephants accompanied by the lion, buffalo, cheetah, giraffe, baboon, gazelle, hippo, and wildebeest.

There are also over 400 species of birds, all manner of reptilian, flora, and fauna, and some of the most soul-searching views in Africa.

Enjoy great game viewing and the best views of Mt Kilimanjaro on an Amboseli safari. Afternoon game viewing. Dinner overnight stay at Amboseli Sopa lodge B, L, D (Breakfast Lunch Dinner)

Main destination: Amboseli National Park

Day 2: Amboseli National Park

Wake before the dawn for an unforgettable sunrise game drive within the park. Kilimanjaro never looks quite as beautiful as she does the first thing in the morning, and you’ll also get to see predators such as Leopards, Lions, and Cheetahs out of the prowl in the cooler morning air

They don’t call Amboseli the Royal Court of Kilimanjaro for nothing, and as you take in its large Elephant herds and the stunning panorama of Mt. Kilimanjaro, you’ll see why this is of Kenya’s most beloved pars

After your morning game drive and late breakfast, relax at the lodge for a few hours before heading out into the park again in the afternoon.

With the animals largely inactive during the warm midday hours, you can get some rest before catching them out and about in the cooling afternoon air.

Day 3: Amboseli National Park – Ol Pejeta Conservancy

With a picnic lunch in hand, you’ll depart from Amboseli after an early breakfast for the drive to Ol Pejeta Conservancy, sometimes known as Sweet Waters.

Your drive not only takes you back through bustling Nairobi and then through the beautiful farm country of Kikuyu, but brings you to the very foothills of Mt. Kenya – Kenya’s highest mountain.

After arriving at Ol Pejeta, you will pay a visit to the park’s Famous Chimpanzee Sanctuary to meet the adopted residents and then head out into the park proper for an evening drive.

Day 4: Ol Pejeta Conservancy- Samburu Game Reserve

You’ll trade the well-known safari spots for one a little more off-the-beaten-track as you head north to the rugged and semi-arid Samburu.

As famous for its unique landscape as it is, for the presence of familiar faces such as leopards, lions, antelopes, and giraffes- the park’s real claim to fame is it’s own “special five” a collection of animals found nowhere else in Kenya.

This includes; the Somali ostrich, reticulated giraffe, grevy’s zebra, the long-naked gerenuk, and the Besia oryx.

You will enjoy an afternoon game drive through this unique Park

Day 5 – Samburu Game Reserve

You’ll have a full day to explore the park in search of its rare inhabitants as well as the likes of Leopards, lions, hyenas, cheetahs, antelopes, and more

While Samburu is smaller than other Kenyan parks and reserves, its diverse wildlife tend to cluster close together near the life-giving Ewaso Ng’iro river, making it an ideal place to set up a camp and do some game-viewing

Day 6: Samburu Game Reserve -Lake Nakuru National Park

You’ll set off after breakfast for your trek to lake Nakuru National Park in the Great Rift Valley

Formerly famous for its flamingos, the park is now better known for its large herds of buffalo and the presence of both black and white Rhinoceros.

You will enjoy a hot lunch at your lodge before taking an afternoon game drive along the shores of the lake to spot baboons, buffalo, lions, leopards, eland, waterbucks, and more.

Day 7: Lake Nakuru National Park - Lake Bogoria -Lake Naivasha

It’s a day of lake exploration as you visit two more of Kenya’s most beautiful lakes.

You will depart from Lake Nakuru after breakfast and head to the hot springs and geysers of Lake Bogoria.

The lake itself is also home to almost 2 million flamingos, and the local spa has both hot springs and swimming pools for your relaxation

After lunch, you will head to lake Naivasha for an afternoon boat safari to see the lake’s resident hippos and water birds. At the end of your day, you’ll retire to your lake Naivasha accommodations

Day 8: Naivasha- Maasai Mara

You will depart from lake Naivasha after breakfast for the drive south to Kenya’s most famous park; Maasai Mara.

Part of the vast Serengeti plains, the Maasai Mara plays host to a chapter of the famous wildebeest migration each year as 1.7 million wildebeests and more than 500,000 zebras and antelopes cross the swollen Mara River in hopes of finding safety on the Masai Mara’s sweeping plains.

Even when the wildebeest’s migration is not occurring, you will still have the chance to see the entire Big Five as well as Kenya’s Largest variety of animal life.

After lunch at your lodge, you will head out for an afternoon and sunset game drive in search of big cats, elephants, giraffes, and more

Day 9: Maasai Mara

Wake before the dawn, for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness a Maasai Mara sunrise. After a quick cup of coffee, you will head out into the park to watch as the sun sets fire to savannah and the big cats take advantage of the morning cool to search for a meal

Alternatively, you can take to the skies with a hot air balloon safari that will see you soar above all of the action before setting down on the plains for a champagne breakfast among the wildlife. Ask your safari expert about adding a hot air balloon adventure to your Safari

You will then return to your lodge for a late breakfast before packing a picnic lunch and heading back out into the park for a day-long exploration of the Maasai Mara.

You may also opt to relax at your lodge in the morning, enjoy lunch on-site, and then head out again in the afternoon once the weather has cooled off a bit.

Day 10: Maasai Mara -Nairobi

You will bid farewell to Maasai Mara after breakfast and return to Nairobi for your onward travel

Activities to do on this 10 Day Complete Kenya Safari

Samburu National Reserve

At the southern corner of the Samburu district, the rift valley. It lies in the semi-desert Samburu National Reserve, named after the Samburu people who have lived in the area for many years.

The word Samburu comes from the Maasai word sambur, which is a traditional leather bag for carrying honey and milk. Amidst the park flows the life-giving Ewaso Ng’iro River.

It derives its name from a local language – and it means brown or muddy water, this river attracts a large population of Kenyan animals to the reserve.

The unfenced park is relatively small in size compared to other Kenyan parks such as Tsavo and Masai Mara

The reserve has visible mountains surrounding it. And Koitogor and Ololokwe are the best for hiking and camping.

Samburu National Reserve is an exceptional destination for cultural visits, most specifically the Samburu village.

The village hosts a considerable number of women and children. These all flee from or are survivors of various forms of atrocities that pause as risky to them, most of them being uncouth cultural norms

Samburu has several exciting tourism activities such as game drives on the dusty roads, wild dog sightings, nature walks, sightseeing, birding, and hiking. Some of the first community-owned and managed Elephant Sanctuary in Africa: Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

Maasai (Masai) Mara National Reserve

This is a vast game reserve in the semi-arid Narok county in Kenya. It is contiguous with the Serengeti national park in the Mara region of Tanzania.

It is named in the honor of the Maasai people who are the ancestral inhabitants of the area. Mara means spotted in maa, a Masai language.

Maasai Mara is globally famous for its exceptional population in wildlife and wildebeest’s immigration to and from Serengeti every year during the dry season from July to October.

This is commonly known as the Great Migration. A visit to the reserve is a great venture to undertake for a cultural tour of one of the oldest inhabitants of East Africa, the Maasai.

This noble tribe is one of the very few tribes we have retained most of their traditions. It has a team of traditional dancers who dance o their call-and-dance response singing and perhaps their most widely known dance is the Damu or rather jumping dance.

You can get to join the dancing as these flexible male dancers jump higher and higher to the rhythms of the enchanting music accompanying their dance stroke

Masai Mara has several tourism activities. Among others, these are the hot air balloons over the reserve, safari drives, nature walk, bird watching, sightseeing, guided bush walk, and hiking

Lake Naivasha

The beautiful freshwater lake is surrounded by thick papyrus. It is located some 80 kilometers northwest of Nairobi, just outside the town of Naivasha in Nakuru County.

The lake derives its name from the local Maasai Nai’posha, meaning “rough water”, an appropriate name as storms and strong winds transform the gentle ripple to rough waves in an instant. The lake is situated in a park with broad ecological diversity and picturesque vegetation

The lake is approximately 13 kilometers across, with an average depth of five meters. Its area varies according to the rainfall, ranging between less than 150 to almost 1,000 square kilometers.

In fact, during the early years of the 20th century, the lake dried out completely but fortunately, heavy rains rescued the dried out lake bed and gave it a second lease on life

The lake draws a wide range of wildlife to her shores, including hippos, different species of birds, giraffes, buffalos, wildebeests, waterbucks, zebra, gazelle, and other herbivores, making the guided boat cruise out onto the lake most popular activity to spot the animals

Other activities around the lake include a visit to the crescent island sanctuary. The island sanctuary isn’t home to any predators so visitors safely tour around on foot with the tour guide.

Adjacent to the lake is Hell’s Gate National Park-its name is inspired by the red earth, towering stone pillars and cliffs, and sparse animal population.

In fact, its name notwithstanding the park is one of the most gorgeous sites in all of Kenya. Visitors can cycle in the dusty roads, hike the scenic canyons and visit Ol Karia geothermal spa to take a dip in the man-made pools

The Great Rift Valley Viewpoint and Lake Nakuru National Park

The Great rift valley is a series of contiguous geographic trenches across the middle east and Africa from Jordan to Mozambique.

The outstanding view, as you approach Nairobi, is quite unbelievable. The ground unexpectedly disappears from under you, extending to thousands of kilometers in either direction.

An excellent starter to the Kenyan Rift Valley, it may appear, is the most amazing part of this experience- as it sinks deeper to explore the lake system of the Rift

The Great Rift Valley Viewpoint is always a perfect place to stop by, stretch and take vivid pictures. Here, you can watch the enthralling Rift Valley with its vast vegetation and the sun rays kissing the far and wide.

The stretching mountains in the vicinity meet the foreseeable edges of the land, giving the feeling of an abstract painting.

There are a number of lakes around the viewpoint and these are Baringo, Bagoria, Nakuru, Elementaita, and Naivasha.

They are all unique and support a staggeringly large proportion of Kenya’s Wildlife. The saline Bagoria is sometimes home to huge flocks of the lesser flamingo and contains more true geysers than any other area of Equal size in the world.

This place is known for hiking, trekking, game viewing, photography, guided walks around the crater lakes, picnic lunches, bird watching, golfing, and community visits.

The Great Rift Valley is indeed a wonder of the world. It stretches from the middle east and passes through Africa. It has a great and vast chunk in East Africa, and it ends in Mozambique in the South.

Amboseli National Park

One of the iconic Kenya National Parks and a popular Safari destination. Amboseli national park is a cocktail with all the ingredients a safari-goer would want on a 10 Day Complete Kenya Safari.

From the stunning views of Africa’s highest peaks, fascinating wildlife, varied vegetation to multicolored Masai culture.

All are here for you to sample. Enjoy unhurried game viewing with possible sights of lions, herds of Elephants, lions, hyenas, buffalo, giraffes, zebras, and many more. Pelicans and other birds


  • Lies on the foot of Africa’s highest snowcapped mountain-mt. Kilimanjaro
  • The largest population of African elephants are found here in groups
  • Other members of the big five and other wild animals are here too.
  • Enjoy the momentous view of the Amboseli National Park with adjacent marshy grounds hosting a variety of waterfowls like a pelican, Egyptian goose from the observation hill

Lake Bogoria

It is backed by the bleak Siracho Escarpment, and moss-green waves roll down its rocky, barren shores.

A road that becomes a rough track (and then peters out entirely) runs along the lake’s western shore, which is where flamingoes gather.

About halfway along the lake. Hot springs and geysers spew boiling fluids from the earth’s insides. If you are here early in the morning, you may have the place to yourself

Tour highlight

Day 1: Nairobi- Amboseli National Park

Day 2: Amboseli National Park

Day 3: Amboseli National Park- OL Pejeta Conservancy

Day 4:  Ol pejeta conservancy to Samburu Game Reserve

Day 5: Samburu Game Reserve

Day 6: Transfer from Samburu Game Reserve- Nakuru National Park

Day 7: Lake Nakuru National Park- Lake Bogoria- Lake Naivasha

Day 8: Lake Naivasha to Maasai Mara

Day 9: full day exploring Maasai Mara National Reserve

Day 10: Drive from Maasai Mara Game Reserve back to Nairobi for departure

Safari Inclusions and Exclusions

Safari includes:

  • Transportation in a tour van/Land cruiser
  • Service of an English -speaking tour guide/driver
  • All activities mentioned in the itinerary
  • Park admissions
  • Accommodation on full board
  • Entrance fees to all destinations as per the program
  • Transfer to and from the airport

Safari exclusions 

  • All activities not mentioned in the program
  • Phone calls bills
  • Tips
  • International transfers
  • Gratitude to tour guides
  • Personal insurance
  • Personal effects of any nature
  • Hotel fees before and after the Kenya safari


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10 Day Complete Kenya Safari
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