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Wildlife Safari in Uganda | Gorilla Safaris in Uganda

Wildlife Safaris in Uganda represent the classic wilderness adventures to see wild animals in their natural environment.

Wildlife Safaris in Uganda represents the classic wilderness adventures to see wild animals in their natural environment.

Many people go on Wildlife Safaris in Uganda to see animals such as lions, elephants, leopards, zebras, giraffes, hippos, cheetahs, buffalo and many others.

Seeing these wild animals in their natural habitat is a completely different experience from seeing them at the Zoo.

Uganda is blessed with more than 300 mammal species and over 1000 bird species. These are easily being seen in the 10 national parks and other game reserves.

The national parks have an abundance of animals and greatly complement each other.

Where to go for Uganda Wildlife Safaris

The most popular national park for observing animals in their natural world is;

How much is a Uganda Wildlife Safaris Tour?

The cost of any Uganda Safari is always dependent on the specific details of the trips such as accommodation, transport, length of the trip among others.

Ugandan Wildlife Safaris are quite inexpensive, compared to other activities like gorilla tracking safaris or chimpanzee tracking.

Our budget wildlife Safaris take as little as 3 days starting and ending in Kampala. If you talk to our safari experts, you can easily get a quote customized to your requirements.

Dos and Don’ts for a Wildlife Safari

Wildlife Safaris in Uganda have fewer restrictions compared to primate tracking safaris.

On a wildlife Safari, you are supposed to respect the natural environment and animals. This means you can’t litter or make noise, fires and such.

You will be accompanied by a guide and park ranger who understand all the regulations. Just follow their lead and ask when in doubt.

You also must respect the animals – especially the fact that they are wild animals and not pets.

Even though they might be slightly used to people, some animals can be dangerous. Your guide and ranger will also caution you about this.

What to carry for Uganda Wildlife Safaris Tour?

Our basic packing list should have comfortable practical clothing and shoes. You should also include a wide brim hat and your favorite sunscreen to protect against the hot savannah sun.

Depending on your time of travel, and the specific national park you might need to carry warm clothing or rain gear. Your personalized itinerary often has the final list that is custom for your trip.

Extra Cash for Uganda Safari

You should also think about carry some extra cash. This is usually for your own spending – beyond the itinerary provisions.

This is the money you use for tipping, buying souvenirs and other such small expenditures.

Your transport, accommodation and park entrance & activity charges will be already covered by your payment for the trip.

Here is our article about the extra cash to carry for a safari, it shares more insights.

3 Days Short Uganda Wildlife Tour
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