Best Time to Visit Kenya for Safaris | What are the Best Kenya Safaris Tour Holidays in 2022/23

Kenya is open to travelers throughout the year although the best time to visit and enjoy holiday safaris in Kenya is during the dry season which has inland and coastal temperatures with little or no expected rainfall. The dry season during the months of January to March and July to October is the best time for wildlife viewing in the different national parks reserves.

During the dry season especially in the months of July to October, this is when the great wildebeest migration experienced on Kenya Safaris and it occurs in Maasai Mara national park which is unusual as the wildebeest try to cross the Mara River while the crocodiles are eagerly waiting to feed on them and others drown in the river and corps continue to act as food to crocodiles, the hyenas, the vultures as well as animals that feed on the fresh.

The wildebeest migration is a wildlife drama that very many travelers enjoy the experiences that occur every year. The weather in the dry season is usually hot during the day hours while during the night hours’/evening hours it is very cold. In January which is the dry month in Kenya, Maasai Mara National Reserve has about eight hours that receive sunshine on a daily basis, and about five days that it receives rainfall.

The average temperature in the dry season range from about 27 degrees and 10 degrees and it is very hot throughout the dry season. The average rainfall receives in the season is about 55 mm and the average day time is about 12 hours and night time is as well as 12 hours.

The dry season is the best time to visit Kenya for safaris due to the fact, it has good discounted accommodation rates for all travelers that will enjoy their stay on holiday safaris in Kenya. It is also very easy to spot predators you enjoy viewing huge numbers of wildlife animals that can come and gather at Mara River to drink water as the lions, crocodiles, and other predators are waiting to have food for the day.

The dry season gives travelers to enjoy viewing newborn animals, migratory birds, especially travelers who are bird lovers. This is a great period that will offer the opportunity to take good photos of your Kenya safaris tour as the sky is so clear.

Although the dry season makes wildlife viewing difficult, we advise travelers to carry sunglasses, sun repellents, and an African hut so as to avoid direct sun rays heating your skin and enhancing the wildlife viewing.

Best Kenya Safaris Tour Holidays in 2022/23

Why Go to Kenya for Wildlife Safaris Tour?

There are infinite trip reasons to visit Kenya, and we want to share our top 10 reasons to go.

  1. The paradise Of The Great Wildebeest Migration In Africa
  2. High Density & Assorted Wildlife Experiences In National Parks & Reserves
  3. World-Class Birding At Kenya’s Great Rift Valley Lakes
  4. Experience Kenya’s Pioneer Private Conservancies
  5. Enlightening & Experiential Experiences With Kenya’s Fascinating Cultures
  6. Barefoot Escape To Kenya’s Turquoise Waters, White Sand Beaches, And Isolated Islands
  7. Immerse Yourself In Kenya’s Underwater World
  8. Discover Ancient Artifacts From The Oldest Humans On The Planet
  9. Kenya – An Unrivaled Land Of Contrast And Diversity
  10. Kenya Is Perfect In Every Way