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Frunk Fancy Travels Kenya operates a variety of tours across East Africa from multi-country small groups to East Africa Safari and small group explorer East Africa safari to city stay and adventure activity breaks. Our in-depth knowledge of destinations, local cultures, and the environment make our East Africa safari exciting, while still being affordable.

From the plains of the Serengeti and Maasai Mara national reserves or the iconic River Nile to thundering Victoria Falls, we at Frunk Fancy Travels firmly believe there is nothing quite as fulfilling as a journey through East Africa. Looking for an Africa Adventure Tours, Check through the following Adventure Tours in Africa

What are the Best Kenya Safaris Tour Holidays in 2022/23 – East Africa Safari Travels

Kenya is open to travelers throughout the year although the best time to visit and enjoy holiday safaris in Kenya is during the dry season which has inland and coastal temperatures with little or no expected rainfall. The dry season during the months of January to March and July to October is the best time for wildlife viewing in the different national parks reserves.

During the dry season especially in the months of July to October, this is when the great wildebeest migration experienced on Kenya Safaris and it occurs in Maasai Mara national park which is unusual as the wildebeest try to cross the Mara River while the crocodiles are eagerly waiting to feed on them and others drown in the river and corps continue to act as food to crocodiles, the hyenas, the vultures as well as animals that feed on the fresh.

10 Reasons why you Should Visit Uganda | Why Uganda Safaris Tours

Uganda is one blessed country with a number of interesting features that will water you down making you willing to come again and again for safaris tours in Uganda. It has a combination of lovely weather, it’s the land of apes with 70% of the total Mountain Gorilla world population and more than 98% chimpanzee, the world calls Uganda a haven of primates. Among others is an abundance of wildlife and a serene environment. It’s the source of the famous River Nile

Best Selling Rwanda Safaris Tour Packages 2022/23

Rwanda is renowned for its rare mountain gorillas with the most exciting activity on Rwanda safaris, and rightly so. Some 400 of our primate cousins roam the rain forests of Volcanoes National Park, with ten groups available for tracking. But this tiny country has so much more to see. Known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills“, it’s rich with beautiful mountains for Rwanda hiking safaris, valleys, and lakes, with a gleaming capital city, abundant wildlife, and resilient and gracious people.