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Book a Stay on a Kenyan Conservancy to Adventure Kenya Travel Destinations

For a more exclusive safari experience in Kenya Travel Destinations, book a stay on one of Kenya’s famous conservancies. Conservancies are tracts of land that are owned by indigenous communities but rented by eco-tourism companies and operated as private game reserves.

They have many benefits: firstly, you can rest assured knowing your money is directly benefiting the local community. Because of this, conservancies help to reduce conflict between traditional landowners and the native wildlife, thereby promoting conservation.

They aren’t restricted by the same rules as national parks and can offer night drives and walking safaris. Recommended conservancies include LewaLoisaba, and Ol Pejeta.

Some of Kenya’s safari packages include

1 classic Kenya safari,

this is one of the options that will give travelers an insight to explore Kenya’s National Parks and Reserve, enjoy wildlife viewing, explore the different authentic cultures as well as enjoy the geographical landscape of the country

2 premier Kenya Safari,

this is one of the best alternative travelers who have issues with sitting in the vehicle for long hours, travelers will have the insight to enjoy the premier flights as they enjoy viewing wildlife in the different national reserves, they will as well find comfort in the services of the best excellent luxury lodges, hotels, and camps

3 Kenya beach safari holidays,

this is one of the great wonderful packages that will give you an opportunity to enjoy the great wildebeest migration wonders as well as wildlife viewing and then later combine the game experience with awesome beach adventure

Other safaris packages include Kenya luxury safari,

the magic of the Maasai Mara cultural safari, Saba and Samburu national park safari, the great rift valley safaris that will give travelers to enjoy viewing the red flamingos, Amboseli Tsavo luxury safaris among others.

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3 Days Maasai Mara Safari Kenya
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