Watamu Beach Kenya

Watamu Beach south of Malindi is best known for the Watamu Marine National Park — a spectacular coral reef alive with tropical fish and only a short boat ride, or energetic swim at low tide.

The Watamu Beach is really a series of wide sandy bays separated by rocky outcrops.

Watamu’s marine life

The area is distinctive with its craggy rock islands dotting the bays. Dark and jagged with narrow necks, they invite exploration. At low tide, it is possible to walk out to many of these strange isolated formations.

Ghost crabs skitter out of sight, and impossible shapes have been sculpted by the sea. Rockpools ring the islands revealing their treasure of shells, seaweed, and bright fish each day when the tide is out. Away from the beach, there are other things to see.

Mida Creek

The Mida Creek is a wonderful place for a quiet day trip as the mudflats and mangroves are home to a multitude of birds. You may like to wander into Watamu village for a spot of shopping or take a trip to the Gedi Ruins, a mysteriously abandoned Swahili city.

Watamu has only a handful of hotels but a number of private beachfront homes. At certain times of year (especially May until the end of September) a great deal of seaweed is washed onto the Watamu beaches. Apart from these times, the beach is a shimmering stretch of white sand — perfect for relaxation.

It is possible to take a leisurely sunset cruise aboard a traditional dhow on the tranquil waters of Mida Creek, a large tidal estuary a few miles away from Watamu village.

Mida Creek offers approximately 10 km of unspoiled mangrove-lined waters where the only human inhabitants are a handful of local fishermen casting their nets in the traditional manner.

There is also a chance to take a dolphin cruise out into the Watamu Beach Marine National Park. Dolphin cruises run from September to March (weather permitting) where it is possible to enjoy some snorkeling too.

Watamu Beach

Watamu Beach

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