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Aberdare national park in Kenya offers a variety of activities to do at the park such as nature walks, among others that will expose you to the vast diversity of the park with several animal species to be seen.

Aberdare national park is famous for hosting a variety of animal species living in its forest which you can see while on your Kenya adventure safari.

The animal seen here includes, among others the nocturnal predators, such as the lion, leopard, small antelopes, uncommon chimpanzees, golden monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, duiker, and reedbuck live on the ground, while giant hogs in the dusk and the mongoose are shown.

You can also consider the very unusual African golden cat from rainforest to bamboo forest to moorland. Wildlife here is secret and surprising, making Aberdare more oriented than the first-timers towards the safari aficionados.

There are rhinos and leopards, but it’s challenging to spot them. The feeling is rather to go through the forest and enter the rare and endangered regions of the forest

Walking safaris is the highlight of all the activities offered in the park, the forest is covered in the park, the forest is covered by thick trees and dense vegetation yet hiking through this forest is one of the easiest compared to other forests in Africa.

A forest canopy provides shade from the overheating sun, splitting periodically to expose lengthy panoramic views of the savannah.

Move one day and you stream across the esteemed trees and you will discover the inhabitants of the forest yet when you spend a couple of days in the forest, you will be completely lost in the realm of animal behavior and characters in the forest.

The shaking of the trees, branches, all these signs indicate where and when one of the members of the forest should appear closer to you

Aberdare National Park Destination Guide

The Aberdare national park is located in the central highlands of Kenya and its conserves an air of questions. It harbors mysterious undiscovered wildlife species such as the endangered and rare black leopard.

It is a secluded volcanic mountain forming the eastern wall of the great rift valley covering an area of about 100 Km north-south in between Nairobi and Thompson falls. The park is dominated by a mountainous topography that harbors thick tropical forest covered with fog.

The region is cooler than the savannah landscapes and it offers you great insight to experience a completely different outlook of the country

Getting to Aberdare National Park

Aberdare National park is situated about 150 kilometers east of Nairobi. It can be accessed by both road and air transport.

Most tourists use road transport to access Aberdare and they go through either Nyeri or Naro Moru. For travelers who prefer air transport, there are two airstrips that are close to Aberdare headquarters at Mweya and Nyeri

Highlights and Attractions in Aberdare National Park

The scenic beautiful volcanic ranges

The park is home to charming waterfalls that are worth a visit on a safari to the reserve

The rare and endangered unique wildlife such as the black leopards, black serval cuts, forest antelopes which are known as the eastern bongo.

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